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Medical tourism is becoming increasingly popular . Relief from stress and work away from home can be much better way to recover than resorting to invasive medical methods, such as surgery.

Many believe it is better to combine this two services. For many medical tourism is a better choice because it means lower costs, faster healing, and in addition to rest and recreation can get to know the cultural and historical monuments and natural beauty of the environment and Vrsac.

Lack of concentration, the decrease in work efficiency (motivation), weakness and fatigue, symptoms include chronic fatigue, diseases of modern times. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a case study of a variety of institutions, many doctors, psychiatrists, physiologists and scientists with different interests. Research shows that the most common cause of chronic fatigue is stress. The question is how to prevent stress and how to confront him.

In collaboration with Dr. Jevdic clinic we have devised preventative and therapeutic treatment with accommodation in our house and office visit Dr. Jevdic. This practice has to offer:

*Quantum Medicine
*Bach Drops
*Healthy Eating

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